Congratulations on wanting to meet your spirit animal!

Go ahead and download the mp3 guided journey below. The journey will take about 20 minutes. Before you do the journey, set the intention of meeting a spirit animal who is active and prominent with you now. That will benefit you the most. In the future, you can set a different intention. Please set aside another 20-30 minutes after the journey so you can spend some time writing down what you experience on your journey.

Next you'll want to download the PDF guide of the gifts and challenges of more than 200 spirit animals. 

Finally, here are some suggestions of what to do after you've met your spirit animal.

I'd love to have you join the "What's Your Spirit Animal?" Facebook group. It's a small but growing community of spiritual evolutionaries. The group is a great place to practice being YOU now—in a safe, supportive environment that also challenges you to grow and calls you out when you're holding back. And right now it's free to join. Click here to request membership in the group.

Yours in the journey,


This book does a great job of explaining concepts in a way that people without experience can understand, while still having lots of valuable insights. Wonderful book!

— Amazon reviewer