Welcome to class

Our first assignment in both classes—communications in practice and branding and advertising—was to introduce/brand ourselves.

Here is what I wrote for branding and advertising. I threw in some silly stuff because you can get the serious stuff by looking at LinkedIn and my resume.

I'm an artist, writer, and co-host of a pop culture podcast. I have previously worked as a marketing consultant, freelance graphic designer, and freelance editor and ghostwriter. 

I have two daughters (23yo and 22yo) and an 11yo son. I have 4 cats, so, yes, I'm a crazy cat-lady. I'm a native Texan living in Pittsburgh for 16 years. I'll always be a Texan, but my politics lean way left. I speak French and Spanish and successfully learn enough of other languages to get along whenever I visit a different country.

I can make people laugh, but only if they dig Bloom County-esque, tangential, stream of consciousness-type wit.

I've been swimming with sharks, kayaking on rivers, and sitting on my butt watching "Game of Thrones."

My mission in life is to inspire passion and provoke action—whether that is through my art, my writing, or my work in marketing/communication. I believe that accurately communicating to the world who you really are is of paramount importance. I aim to model that myself while guiding others—individuals and organizations—to do the same.

Kelly Smith