Back to school

I feel as if I am a perpetual student in that I love learning something new every day. It doesn't matter what it is. It could be a little factoid about a friend or some new insight about myself. Albert Einstein said, "A day without learning is a wasted day," and I have taken that message to heart.

However, at age 48, I didn't imagine that I'd actually be going back to school. (Yes, I've told you my age because you're smart enough to figure it out by looking at my resume!)

When I left business school 19 years ago, I worked as a marketing consultant. I loved it. I've worked for myself ever since in various capacities. But, over the past year, I've decided that I might finally want a "real job"—back in branding. 

I started applying for jobs but wasn't getting any hits. Age? Too long out of the workforce? Too much time working for myself? Too much time being a mom? Whatever the problem, I knew I had to fix it.

School seemed like a good solution.

Since I've still got a kid at home, and flexibility is a top priority for me, I decided on the Johns Hopkins Krieger School of Arts and Sciences online program for a master of arts in communication. They have exactly the classes I was looking for. I'd get up-to-date on new trends in the communications industry, and I'd get back on my game in branding.

I'm really excited about going back to school, even though the idea of going back feels kind of weird at this stage of life. When I imagine where I could have been if I had kept up my marketing consulting business, I drive myself crazy. So, as I retired life coach, I remind myself to let it go and move on—to enjoy the ride and my new path, to remember that "it's never too late what you might have been" (George Eliot).

Classes start next week. I'm taking a general communications class and branding and advertising. I'm particularly excited about that one, of course. Easing back into it with just two classes for now to see how it goes. 

Kelly Smith