Kelly Smith

About Kelly

Originally from Houston, TX, I’ve been living in Pittsburgh, PA, since 2001. I love the three rivers, fall foliage, the Mexican War Streets, and Lawrenceville. I’ve also lived in Cambridge, MA; Wilmington, NC; and Querétaro, Mexico. One day I’d love to live in Hawaii. Or Paris.

I’m an artist, an author, and a cat person. I used to paint on canvas, but most recently my artwork has been painting on myself and photographing the results — a series called “war paint.” I’ve done film work, including a short film (“dotted lines”) that was in the inaugural Three Rivers Film Festival in 2003. And I did a collaboration with Attack Theatre and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra in 2005.

I went to Harvard, Tufts, and Rice Business School, after which I became a marketing consultant. I left that for a while to focus on my family and work part-time as a life coach and a branding coach. I got back into marketing consulting because I couldn’t stay away. I find it a great mix of right- and left-brain thinking — mostly right-brain, thank goodness. A few of my clients have included Identigene, IEC/EdgarFilings, Truly Accomplished, Navta Associates, Rice University Graduate School of Business, and Tin Drum.

I also love public speaking. While I was coaching, I did some professional speaking. I spoke at the International Coach Federation (ICF) Midwest Conference in Cleveland in 2014 and then at the ICF Global Conference in Rio de Janeiro. Rio was awesome.

Finally, I co-host the Geek Girl Soup podcast. We talk a lot about what we’re watching on HBO, Netflix, and Hulu — and a little about race and gender inequality in TV and film. You should check us out.