About Kelly


I’m originally from Houston, Texas. But I’ve lived in Pittsburgh since 2001 just because I love it here. I live in the Mexican War Streets where I can walk to the rivers, to the Mattress Factory art museum, and to the Warhol Museum.

I’ve always worked for myself because I love the freedom it gives me to pick my clients and to spend time raising my kids. They’re now 25, 23, and 13. I’ve worked as a marketing consultant and a Certified Mentor Coach. The two often overlapped as I would coach solo entrepreneurs on branding and marketing. Being a Mentor Coach gave me unique insight into people — what motivates them and what stops them from taking action — that I bring to my role as a marketing and social media strategist.

My purpose in life is to help other people find their path to achieve their goals. I’ve absolutely done that with my adult kids. And I’m working on that with my younger child.

That’s also my number one goal with my professional clients. Whether working as a marketing consultant or a mentor coach, my purpose is to help you achieve your goals.

I am a perpetual student: sometimes officially, always on my own. I have a master’s in communication from Johns Hopkins. My focus was corporate and nonprofit communication, with a specialty in marketing. I spent a year in business school at Rice University Graduate School of Business. I have a master’s degree in biology from Tufts Graduate School of Arts and Science. And I have a bachelor’s degree in biological anthropology from Harvard University.

I recently taught myself enough Hungarian to get along during a trip to Budapest. And I’m currently teaching myself German just for fun. Whenever I visit a foreign country, I always teach myself enough of the language to get along. I usually forget most of what I’ve learned afterward, unfortunately. But it comes back if I visit again. I’ve taught myself Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, and Polish. I also took a year of Russian in college. I need to plan a trip to Berlin to put my German to use!

I’m a professional artist. I’ve shown my work in five solo shows and in numerous group shows in Pittsburgh, Houston, and Brooklyn. One of my short films was in the inaugural Three Rivers Film Festival in Pittsburgh. I did a collaboration with the Attack Theatre dance company and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. I am still creating new works today. 

Just for fun, I co-host a podcast called Geek Girl Soup where we talk about movies and TV shows we’re watching. (Well, I don’t have cable. I just watch HBO, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.) We chat about women’s and minorities’ representation in the film and TV industry. We do an annual Oscars podcast — as well as the Emmys and Golden Globes. And we try to do an annual re-watch of “The Leftovers.” You’ve watched it, haven’t you?

I’ve published three books and contributed a chapter to a fourth book. When my youngest child was a baby, I did some work as a copyeditor, copywriter, and graphic designer. Can you say, “jack of all trades”? I prefer the phrase “master jack”!

By the way, the “A” in A. Kelly Smith stand for Angela, but I’ve always gone by Kelly.