About Kelly


Originally from Houston, TX, I’ve been living in Pittsburgh, PA, since 2001. I love the three rivers, fall foliage, the Mexican War Streets, and Lawrenceville. I’ve also lived in Cambridge, MA; Wilmington, NC; and Querétaro, Mexico.

I’m an artist, an author, and a cat person. I used to paint on canvas, but most recently my artwork has been painting on myself and photographing the results — a series called “war paint.” I’ve done film work, including a short film (“dotted lines”) that was in the inaugural Three Rivers Film Festival in 2003. And I did a collaboration with Attack Theatre and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra in 2005.

I went to Harvard, Tufts, Rice Business School, and most recently Johns Hopkins. After Rice, I became a marketing consultant. I left that for a while to focus on my family and work part-time as a Certified Mentor Coach. I got back into marketing consulting because I couldn’t stay away. I find it a great mix of right- and left-brain thinking — mostly right-brain, thank goodness. A few of my clients have included Identigene, IEC/EdgarFilings, Truly Accomplished, Navta Associates, Rice University Graduate School of Business, and Tin Drum.

I also love public speaking. While I was coaching, I did some professional speaking. I spoke at the International Coach Federation (ICF) Midwest Conference in Cleveland in 2014 and then at the ICF Global Conference in Rio de Janeiro. Rio was awesome.

Finally, I co-host the Geek Girl Soup podcast. We talk a lot about what we’re watching on HBO, Netflix, and Hulu — and a little about race and gender inequality in TV and film. You should check us out.

By the way, the “A” in A. Kelly Smith stand for Angela, but I’ve always gone by Kelly.