Kelly Smith

I help brands find and sound their war cry — to be seen and heard in a field of competition, to let the competition and your customers know that you're there, that you're coming for them.

Think of the howl of a wolf, the roar of a lion, the trumpet of an elephant.

I pull out the identity within a brand to create a powerful meaning and message which will elicit the desired emotional response in the audience. Branding is all about feeling. It’s about making a mark, being memorable. 

Branding isn’t just a logo or a website. Social media isn’t just sharing a tweet or a random post. It’s knowing your who you’re talking to — and when, why, and what they need to hear.

I help you figure all of that out, develop a strategy to make it happen, and help you implement it if that’s what you need.

Specifically, I help small- to medium-sized companies develop a marketing strategy so they can effectively share their message with the world. I help with branding, marketing strategy, and social media strategy. I also act as a liaison between the company and other outside contractors, such as design and PR firms. I perform brand audits and write creative briefs, saving time when you need a new website, logo, or other collateral materials.

If you need a designer or other support, I have people I work with. You’ll get all the hands-on attention you need.

So, what do you need? Let’s talk and figure it out.

p: 412.726.6995


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