What's Your War Cry?

As a brand evocateur, I help brands find and sound their WAR CRY — to be seen and heard in a field of competition, to let the competition and your customers know that you're there, that you're coming for them.

Think of the howl of a wolf, the roar of a lion, the trumpet of an elephant.

I pull out the identity within a brand to create a powerful meaning and message which will elicit the desired emotional response in the audience. Branding is all about feeling. It’s about making a mark, being memorable. 

My mission—personally and professionally—is to ignite passion and provoke action.  I accomplish this through my art by making the viewer rethink who they really are and what they want to express in the world through my "war paint" series.

I accomplish this through my professional work by pulling the war cry out of a brand—the essence of a brand that draws an emotional response out of the customer.

I get the customer to feel something about the brand. Successful brands elicit powerful emotions in the customer. The right message and imagery can evoke the desired feelings in the customer, leading them to take the desired action—to buy the product or service, to share their experience, to be loyal to the brand.

What's your war cry? 

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